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Welcome to CAFE MS Office

Being a Microsoft Certified Specialist, at Café MS Office we teach you MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint with Lots of Exercise Files to make sure that the concepts are cleared and then you are ready to face any interview or Work on any given project. Café MS Office conducts workshops as well on MS Office applications. The workshops are conducted in South Delhi, close to metro station.

Learning isn't a one-time event that help you learn, understand and implement.

Lets face it... "Having an office full of employees with poor Excel proficiency can be costing your company hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars each month"

We found that most students actually learn faster when they're interacting with the instructor - not wasting time entering data or fumbling with the mouse. We feel that learning should be done in the classroom while practicing should be done on your own time. Why pay to watch other students practice and slow down the class? However, since this is an advanced class and you are already comfortable using Excel, (especially the shortcuts), you are welcome to bring a laptop. If you choose to bring a laptop, you will be given some data files before the class begins so that you can participate. Regardless, all students will receive take-home materials including all of the lesson materials worked on during class.